Our Team

PK IT Consultants Ltd provides affordable ICT and Internet solutions consultancy services to individual, small and corporate businesses/institutions.

Our staff are fully qualified and have both academic and professional qualifications and therefore would ensure that your ICT needs are fully meet.

Our Web, Computer, Network, VOIP and VSAT staff are fully qualified with up to date professional, academic  and industry specific qualifications.


PeterAndresile Name: ANDRESILE PETER

Position: Managing Director/Senior Web Developer

Qualifications: BSc. Computer Science (First Class)

Email: pandresile@pkitconsultants.tk

Phone: +256 782 733357 or +256 793 338830



Position: Head of Data Communication

Qualifications: BSc.CS (First Class), MSc. DSE (MUK)

Email: kedemacu@pkitconsultants.tk

Phone: +256 777 367887 or +256 793 106936


okello richardName: OKELLO RICHARD WATHUM

Position: Head of Networking

Qualifications: CCNA, BIT (MUK)

Email: rwokello@pkitconsultants.tk

Phone: +256 784 180 630 or +256 713 180630


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