Systems Support & Maintenance


MCSE PK IT Consultants Ltd provides affordable ICT and Internet solutions to individual, small and corporate businesses. Our range of ICT solutions include PC build, PC sales, repairs, maintenance and support, office network installation, network management and administration, VSAT and wireless networking, software installation, configuration and support and staff IT Training. Our staff are fully qualified and have both academic and professional qualifications and therefore would ensure that your ICT needs are fully meet.

We would at your request profile your organisation’s current and future ICT needs. We will give recommendation on upgrade or maintenance program that is suitable to your company so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted ICT services. PC Systems

Our Web, Computer, Network, VOIP and VSAT staff are fully qualified with up to date professional, academic  and industry specific qualifications (MCP, MCSE, A+, CCNA, MCDBA, MCSA).

For small and medium size businesses, this is great news because you can tap into the knowledge and skills of one of the best system engineers in Uganda.

Corporate ICT Support

PK IT Consultants Ltd has a resilient support service for small and medium businesses. You don’t need to invest in a full time employee, and our service will always cost less than an equivalent internal IT support person or team – whilst delivering much more.

Our service desk is always available to provide expert help from the most trivial issue to high level, strategic consultancy. With an IT support contract from Digital dialogue, you’ll have high level professionals on tap; from experts in Network Security, Data Backup, Email and Messaging, Microsoft Office applications, to PC and Server Hardware.


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