Corporate Email Solutions




We customize your email addresses with your company’s name and promote your brand.

  • Get storage capacities of 10 Gb for your mailbox.
  • Opt for optimal security with our high performing anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing software.
  • Send or receive your emails everywhere (in the office, on the move) on PC and on mobiles with any internet connection.
  • Manage and synchronize your data with Microsoft Outlook© and your other mailboxes.


A mailbox adapted for your business needs

  • Storage capacity of up to 10 Gb for each of your mailboxes
  • Send messages with attachments of up to 20 MB
  • Choose a solution that is compatible with existing ones :
  • You can use your Corporate Email Addresses with Outlook ©
  • Send and receive emails from your other providers account in the mailbox.
  • Synchronize your emails, contacts and meetings on Outlook.

Email Accounts
Create as many email accounts as you need on your main domain as well as any domain pointers and subdomains. Email can be accessed through POP (which is method used by Outlook, Mail and nearly every other email client program out there), IMAP or the pre-installed Webmail systems we provide.

Cloud Email / Never lose an email again!
We know how important email is to everyone! With our Cloud products, your email stored is stored on your cloud hosting account or cloud VPS server! If a hardware issue arises, the failover automatically includes your email as well so that there is no worry!

Webmail with Choice of Client
Check your email from anywhere! You can access all of your email accounts through our three enterprise webmail systems: Roundcube, Squirrelmail, and Horde.


A professional e-mail address is defined as one that, represents and reflects the professional interests of the user or owner of the e-mail address itself. A professional e-mail address forms a part of how individuals or organisations actively market their products, services, skills, or professional objectives. A professional e-mail address can also communicate useful, and meaningful information about the owner or user of the email address.

Do you have an email address branded with your business name? Or do you advertise your ISP’s services instead? Register your own domain name ( and get an email address ( which better promotes your own business, and provides a more professional image to your clients. Register your domain name with PK IT Consultants Ltd and let us organise a professional email address for you. Our Email service is a professional email service allowing businesses to use a domain name (eg to create an unlimited amount of email accounts such as or Make the switch now to PK IT Consultants Ltd.

Project a professional image with our reliable email services. Let us help you to choose a professional domain name and set up a professional email address


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